• Vinyltrichlorosilane
  • USI

CAS NO.75-94-5

Silane USi-407

Vinyl functional alkoxysilane

Product Description

Chemical Name: Vinyltrichlorosilane

Synonyms: Trichlorovinylsilane

CAS NO.: 75-94-5

EINECS No.: 200-917-8

Molecular weight 161.49


Typical Technical Data

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

Specific Gravity (ρ20°C,g/cm3): 1.265~1.275

Refractive Index ( ): 1.4310~1.4410

Purity (by GC, %): 98.0 min



Organofunctional silane vinyltrichlorosilane is used as coupling agent, adhesion promoter or crosslinking agent.

Vinyl silane is used to graft to polyethylene for moisture induced coupling.

Vinyl silane is used for surface treatment of mineral fillers in plastics.

Silane coupling agent vinyl silane is used for sulfur and peroxide cured rubber, polyester, polyolefins, styrenics, and acrylics etc.

Vinyl silane can also be used to copolymerize with ethylene for moisture induced coupling of polyethylene.



In 25L pail, 200L drum and 1000L IBC

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