Dibutyltin Oxide

Brand : USI

Product origin : CHINA

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Chemical Name: Dibutyltin Oxide

Synonyms: DBOT ,DBTO

Cas No.: 818-08-6

Molecular Formula: C8H180Sn

Molecular Weight: 248.94


Appearance: White powder

Tin Content: 47.5±0.5%

Cl Content: 0.3%

Water: 1.0%

Physical property:

Soluble in hydrochloric acid, insoluble in water and

organic solvents. Spontaneous combustion encountering fire


1. Plastic stabilizer raw materials;

2. Polyurethane catalyst;

3. Organic tin intermediates for Lauric acid type, Maleic acid type, Mercaptide type ;

4. Esterification catalyst.


Kept in cool dry places, after use, lid airtightly timely, reducing contact with air.

Should avoid touching the skin, mucous membrane, if touched, wash immediately with plenty of water.



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