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Product origin : CHINA

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Typical Physical Properties

Product No. USi-6301

Chemical Name n-Propyltrimethoxysilane

CAS No. 1067-25-0

EINECS No. 213-926-7

Formula C6H16O3Si

Appearance Colorless transparent liquid

Density(ρ20, g/cm3) 0.9330~0.9430

Refractive Index(n25D)1.3860-1.3960

Purity: 98 min



Organofunctional silane n-Propyltrimethoxysilane is an important starting material for sol-gel processes. N-Propyltrimethoxysilane adds a certain amount of organic character to the siloxane network, due to the propyl group in the product.

Oganosilane n-Propyltrimethoxysilane contains a propyl group that adds organic character to the products.

Silane coupling agent n-Propyltrimethoxysilane is often used in conjunction with n-Propyltriethoxysilane in order to control the amount of inorganic character of the inorganic network.



In 200L drum and 1000L IBC

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